16 March 2016

Essential Start-up Tools Every Business Needs

Who does not want success in their life? everyone needs it most one or another way.

Here are the some best Free or cheap tools which will make start-up company`s life very much easier.

Have a look on the below list,

Data/Web Analytics Tools 

  • Google AnalyticsFor tracking web traffic and goals and for optimizing experiences.
  • MaptiveFor quickly data interpretation and action upon complex location-based data.
  • MozFor optimizing SEO, word-of-mouth, and brand awareness.
  • ChartioFor organizing and understanding business intelligence data.
  • MintManage referrals, visits, pages, searches and feeds to find out where the most interest is being generated.

Video/Email/ Marketing Tools

  • Wyzowl – No technical skills or resources? No problem. Wyzowl creates quality animated, website and app videos that include professional scriptwriting, graphics, animation, voiceover and music services.
  • Periscope – Download the app to capture live footage of an event and upload to your social platforms.
  • Pencil2D -A free animation software that will help you hand draw graphics to animate.
  • Jing – Screen capture software that will let you record various screens from your website.
  • MailChimp – Use email templates to create various campaigns, set up email workflows and trigger emails based on customer behaviour.
  • Campaign Monitor– Create, send and measure the impact of your campaigns using this platform.
  • Leadsius – This is ideal for startups on a small budget, the platform is free to use and lets you design and build email campaigns using drag and drop.
  • Emma -Choose from 40 professionally designed templates and integrate with other apps including Bigstock, Aviary and Google Analytics.
  • SumoMeFor capturing and nurturing website leads, boosting traffic, and increasing brand awareness.
  • KissmetricsFor increasing website conversions, tracking analytics, and personalizing experiences.
  • AdwordsFor spreading the word about your business on Google through advertising.
  • OptimizelyFor running A/B tests that help you optimize your website and influence interactions.
  • Content MarketerFor promoting your blog content, connecting with influencers, building relationships, and increasing traffic.

Project Management Tools

  • BasecampFor project management and communication across multiple teams and departments.
  • AsanaFor project management and communication within your company or department.
  • TrelloFor personal project management or smaller team-based project management.
  • EvernoteFor personal project management.
  • VoxerFor team communication.
  • Kanbantool A visual board with projects, tracking and analytics capabilities.

Social Media Tools

  • BufferStagger your content throughout the day, schedule way ahead of time and analyse the reach of your post
  • BuzzsumoFor curating top-performing content.
  • CanvaFor designing graphics for social media, blog posts, and your website.
  • FlareFor increasing social shares and engagement.
  • NarrowFor building a targeted following on Twitter.
  • Hootsuite Integrates with Twitter, Facebook and Google+, create campaigns, analyse when your audience is most engaged, and automate publishing.
  • Bitly You may know this as a link shortening tool, but you can also manage your social platforms for free!

Customer Support Tools

  • GrooveFor helping and interacting with customers.
  • HelpScoutFor nurturing and improving relationships with customers.
  • ZendeskFor building a help center and providing live chat.
  • IntercomFor automating and optimizing prospect interaction and customer support.
  • Help.comFor customer support and lead management.

Productivity Tools

  • RescueTimeFor tracking your time, eliminating distractions, and optimizing your daily productivity.
  • AnyDoFor building personal and professional task lists.
  • TogglFor tracking time and optimizing productivity across your team.
  • Google DriveFor sharing documents, collaborating with team members, and working from anywhere.
  • PocketFor saving helpful resources and reading them at a later time.

CRM Tools

  • OnePageCRM: Track emails, save tasks, create notes and manage leads.
  • HubSpot: Store contacts and companies, track deals, manage tasks, create custom fields and personalise views.
  • Salesforce: The most popular CRM solution, Salesforce is a comprehensive tool to manage each customer.
  • Nimble: Ideal for startups, this software pulls in data from social networks, calendars, and email to help you effectively manage your contacts.

Survay Tools

  • Survey Monkey: A popular platform that offers various packages and nicely designed surveys to embed on your site.
  • Typeform: A simple way to create a survey and the free version includes unlimited questions.
  • Google Forms: Make it your own with custom logo and branding options, unlimited surveys – all for free.

Employee Management Tools

  • SlackFor communicating with your team and departments.
  • TinyPulseFor keeping a pulse on employee happiness and loyalty.
  • AnyPerkFor showing employee appreciation and praise.
  • When I WorkFor building employee schedules and communicating with your team.
  • JazzFor hiring and onboarding your employees.

Cloud Storage Tools

  • Dropbox: Trusted by 130,000 businesses to share, store, collaborate and manage company data.
  • Google Cloud: A reliable service that’s built to scale as you grow, and you only need to pay for what you use.
  • SugarSync: Use from any device and backup and access your files using your existing folder structure.

I hope you would like tools,

Enjoy and share your recommended tools in the comment box.